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Friday, August 21, 2009

what to do in the morning

  1. WAKE UP








Sup! I am a popular kid. My favourite food is garlic bread, and my favourite thing to do is play on the Playstation 2. My favourite games on the playstation are Ben 10, Alien force and rugby. Ienjoy school and my best subject is Maths. I love lego and the movies I enjoy are Star Wars and Ben 10. My awesome friends are RLZ,LL,DH,RS and GT.

Excellent Eden.

I'm 8 years old. I enjoy spending my time on the computer , and I especilly I love to do art, people say I'm good at drawing. Sometimes I play with my sister. We love to dance to any music, but our favourite has to be the one and only the amazing Miley Cyrus cd. Our teachers are fantastic, they are the best in the world they are Mrs .F. and Mrs.R. They are beautiful. My favourite thing at home is Skipit and The Tramp. For dinner on special occasions my family and I have fish and chips, they are the best. My amazing friends are J.H. Y.P. L.M. H.A. E.M. C.L. C.R.C.S. K.F.

Sweet Katy

I am 8 years old. I am incredible at singing and dancing. I love spending my precious time on the computer playing fun games. I enjoy going to the libary and reading books. My favourite music has to be the Jonas Brothers. My favourite kind of books are chapter books. I'm really smart. My best friends are C.A.R, H.A, C.S, and L.M.


Code name :Oshjay



Talent: I LOVE Star wars and I.C.T 'cause I'm so good at it.

In my spare time: I like swimming and shopping for awesome
stuff like a DSI- WOW

I am : "awesomely" - if that's a word, good at video games and T.K.D

Favourite food: Chocolate and lots and lots of lollies- I know I'm fat!

Favourite ice cream flavour: Definitely absolutely Goody Goody Gumdrops

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ruby rox

Hi my code name for those who know me is; Rubyrox. I am 8 years old and I am a great runner . I came first in the New Zealand under 8s champs. I started running when I was 4. How many years ago was that? I have a fanastic brother he's called R.M. He is a relly good runner also. My best teachers are Mrs.R and Mrs.F.My favourite thing at home is playing on the trampoline.My best friend is J.F and M.S we love to play with together at school. My favourite place to go for breakfast is Dennys.


I am 8 years old and I can do cool tricks that nobody in my family can do. I tell my friends at school . My favourite toy would be a nintendo and the computer[laptop], but you put a little square card in it to play games. Also you can send messages to other people ten metres away. The computer is fun and fantastic : you can play all sorts of cool, exciting games.I have 1 father, mother and 1 awesome sister. I also have 2 cats, 1 cat's name is Elvis she is a good kitty, my other cat's name is Smokey she is a real fluff ball. I hate broccoli and also cauliflower they are gross. My best friends are K.F., H.A., E.M., J.R.,CL,C.S.,CR and A.K.

what i like

I like to play star wars, it is fun . I like it is cool , I like eating Mc donalds chicken.

R2D2 B

My code name for those who know me is: R2D2 B and I am part of the Talkable Tiblit club.

I am a super (9) year old Boy and I have an Incredible, I mean Incredible talent for

Sports, like super and speedy Soccer: I am also good at netball, I am the champion.

My hair is dark blond,I have incredible sharp eyes with a Zebra black and white hearing aid.

My favorite, most favorite toy in the world is my EBF 25 , its super orange and colouring yellow

massive gun with an unbreakable stand. THE END!!!!!!!

Loose fing man

Hi, if you would like to know, my codename is: Loosefingerman! I am 8 years old. I have a really creepy talent wchich is that I can bend my thumb right to my arm. I spend most of my time on the PS2 !!! I also really want to get a mini motorbike but I might get one at the end of 2009.


Hi everybody my code name is Gladwrap, member of the exclusive Talkable Tiblets Club. I enjoy making and creating stuff, and I can ride the unicycle which is unbelievably hard. I like rugby, pole volting and climbing trees. My favorite movies are Troy, Gladiator and Deep Blue Sea. My favorite bands are Kiss and Genesis: some of my favorite computer games are Rugby 06 and Midtown Madness 2.

My Sweet Life

My code name for those who know me is Extreme Boy. I am 9 years old. I like Lego beause I am the Master at building. I love to play with cars. I dislike doing homework.


My code name for those who know me is Bubblepop.

I am 8 years old, I have an awesome talent at swimming. I love to spend my free time on animals. I am a COMPLETE DOG FREAK! We used to have the cutest dog called Angel, she's a Chihuahua. She just died last year. My favourite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks. I love rock 'n roll music, our school is PSBD.

M.H profile

My code name for those who know me is M.J. or Banana boy. I am nine years old . I am an incredible, exciting Lego master . My favourite food is of course banana's and I like to spend my time playing on the computer or poptropica. My favourite colours are green and yellow.


code name is: R4D4, I am 9 years old. I love LEGO and Poptropica the computer game.

I adore Goosebumps books and Diary of a Wimpy kid. I love these books because they take me to exciting places and on amazing adventures that you can only dream of.


I am 8 years old, I have an incredible talent in dancing and singing: sometimes I make up my own songs. In some of my precious time I love playing with my B.F.F's. My favourite soundtrack and singers are Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana. I am a nexcellent tennis player I play with 10 year olds. I enjoy writing and reading, I don't have any pets yet.My best teachers are Mrs. F.and Mrs.R. My favorite games on the computer are dog and cooking games.I have 1 brother. My friends are C.S, L.M, H.A. J.R. M.L, A.S. , K.F., M.F. A.K., and E.M. because they are always friendly and they rock. I go to DBSP school and it's so fun. The movies I enjoy are Alven and the Chipmucks and the Bee movie. The coolest tv show is Hannah Montana.


My code name for those who know me is Ajkyipyipyip I am 8 years old. I have incredible interest and talent in art. I enjoy drawing self portaits. I am also a mad fan of reading: my favourite book is the Twits and "Mupamupa". I have a sister named MK yipyipyip, she is 5. I love to spend all my special time on the computer playing on,and virtual world games. I have no pets but we are talking about getting a cat and puppy in 2011.My mum Pazma works as a careers advisor at a college. My dad Petrla works as a electrician. So now you know a little bit of infomation about moi!

Tamato tally!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone , my code name is Tomato Tally; I am personal assistant and part of Talkable Tiblits Club. I am 9 years old, I have got an incredible talent at being annoying. I have got brown, long, hair and abhor girl stuff even though I am one (girl). I adore sport's such as: rugby, soccer, touch, cycling, rock climbing. I go to a cool as school, the school initals are BDS. I play the piano /I have three adorable pets, one rabbit and two guinea pigs. I have an older sister who is 11 and is annoying and blond at times.

Commander gree

Sup! LL your assistant here.

My codename for the people who know me is: Commander Gree.

I'm 8 years old,

I have excelled in building Lego from one year to another.

I love playing Sparten Total Warrior on my bulky X-box, but I despise
the part of battling the desruptive barbarians.

I admire the subject maths, because I want to be a proficient electrician like my great grandad, before my grandad and my grandad before my dad and my dad before me.

Jazzy Yazzy



Code Name:Goldy(Evil robot)
Talent:I love 8 lap Cross-Country,adore tackling in rugby
and mum punchs me when I draw revolting drawings.

In my free time I:Spend my intelligence,wit and skill on
my rusty old computer.
I am a ccoommpplleettee Ssttaarr Wwaarrss FFRREEAAKK!!

I am: the master at karate well sort of.

Favourite Food:Pizza,Cheezy and meat lovers
and I go crazy!

Favourite ice cream:
Boysenberry, and I Scream!

YO! R-Z here

If you don't know me just call me my code name:Darth Sidious.

I'm 9 years old, my school is BDS, and I am an intermediet runner and I LOVE building lego ships in star wars, and once I built the Millenium falcon. I've watched every episode of Star Wars, the time I ENJOY AT HOME IS dinner but the time I HATE is shopping.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Test Sample

Hi, this is a sample for the Room 18 Rebels to try out.