Doom Room

Introducing the Zombies of Room 18

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Force

The Force is a delicate thing.
How will you use it?
Will it be for the good of the light?

Jedi shall not know love.
Jedi shall not know hate.
Jedi shall not know anger.

There is no emotion, there is peace
There is no ignorance, there knowledge
There is no passion,there is serenity
There is no chaos, there is harmony
There is no death, there is the force

Or will you use it for the darkness of the night?

Peace is a lie - there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power

Through power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The force shall free me.

So make your choice and pick your side
for they both call for you.

Jedi or Sith!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chelsea Had Some Chocolate Milk

Caitlyn had some chocolate milk

but spilled it on her shirt.

Logan got his jacket

while rolling in the dirt.

Carol and Alysha

must of had a fight.

Ciara looks as if

she stayed awake all night.

Katherine is absent,

as are Balpreet, Gary and Josh.

Corinna is in pyjamas

and Benji lost a tooth.

Max broke his glasses

Hannah's sweater's is too big.

Braden has a bloody nose,

and Brad wears a wig.

Gold Crown

I love drawing it is my favourite thing to do. I am 8 years old.I love icecream, iceblocks and fruit, my favourite fruit is pineapple. On the weekends I usually go somewhere like parks, sometimes camping, and birthday parties. My birthday is on February the 21st. I have a sister. She is 4 years old. I also like writing and reading.

I knew a guy

I knew a guy

who knew a guy

who stuck his finger,

in his eye

oh me, oh my

that silly guy

he stuck his finger

in his eye.

I asked him why,

oh tell me why

you stuck your finger so,

stick your finger in a pie,

or on your tie or in the sky

or on a toasted ham on rye

or on a purple butterfly.

But don't be like that

silly guy and

stick your finger

in your eye,

or you will cry and cry

and cry and cry

or you will fall down and die.


Snake Mistake

One morning in my bedroom I was startled by a snake

So I picked him up took him out and threw him in the lake.

He returned a minute later meaning no he didn't drown

So I put him on my bicycle and road him out of town.

It was hardly half an hour till he turned up in my room

So I packed him in a parcel and shipped him to Khartoum.

When I found him back again on the succeeding afternoon

I went to look for a way that I could blast him to the moon.

When I couldn't find a rocket it was then I knew that dang,

A snake is yours forever once he eats your boomerang.
I went down to the river,

and could't get across.

So I jumped on a mule,

I thought he was a horse.

The mule would't pull,

so I traded it for a bull.

The bull would't hollar,

so I traded it for a dollar.


Real friends are hard to find
someone that will wait behind
to talk to you and tell you things
and never push you off the swings
and never call you names or stiar
or steal your pen or take your chair.

Untrue friends are false and cruel
frist they play with you at school
they tell you you,re the special chum
then drop you for another one
they criticise your clothes and hair
until you wish that you weren,t there.

Real friends cheer you when you,re sad
and laugh with you when you,re glad
they don,t play nasty tricks on you
or whisper thing that are not true
they don,t tell tales all the while
they greet you with a greet big smile.

A fish in a spaceship

A fish in a spaceship is flying through school.

A dinosaurs dancing on top of a stool.

The librarys loaded with orange baboons,

in purple tukedo's with bows and balloons.

The pigs on the playground are having a race.

While pencils parade in linens and lace.

As camels do cartwheels and elephants fly,

Bananas are baking brocoli pie.

A hundred gorillas are painting the walls.

As robots and rockets careen through the halls.

Tomatos are teaching in all of the classes,

Or maybe,Just maybe I need some new glasses

Beavers in the bathroom

There are beavers in the bathroom

swimming circles in the tub

where beavers have desided

to convene their swimming club.

In their little beaver speedos

and their beaver bathing caps,

they've been studying the butterfly,

the backstrok ang the crawl,

and it's obvious they like it

and their having quite a ball.

For we hear them all the time

but we don't see them enymore,

ever since they built that dam

behined that bathroom door.


i wouldn't like

to be a worm.

it wouldn't be much fun,

hiding from the birds

and hiding from the sun.

i wouldn't like

to be a worm

and only squirm around

eating leaves and dirt

and living underground

Let me out of the classroom

Let me out of the class room

Let me out of school

I'm not so good at geography

I'd rather been watching t.v

It's still twenty minutes till recess

Lunch is hours away

won't you please please please

Get me out of the classroom today

Someones here with a note now

teachers calling my name

he say's my mother is right outside

I shoukd go and she'll give me a ride

To my yearly dentist apointment

i forgot it's today

teacher please please please help me out

won't you let me stay

from Kenn Nesbit

Each Peach Pear Plum

Each peach pear plum
I spy Tom Tum
Tom Tum in the cupboard
I spy Mother Hubbard
Mother Hubbard down the celler
I spy Cinderella
Cinderella on the stairs
I spy the three bears
Three bears out hunting
I spy baby bunting
Baby bunting fast asleep
I spy Bo-Peep
Bo-peep on the hill
I spy Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill in the ditch
I spy the wicked witch
Wicked witch over the woods
Ispy Robin Hood
Robin Hood in his den
I spy the bears
Three bears still hunting
They spy baby bunting
Baby bunting safe and dry
I spy plum pie
Plum pie in the sun
I spy .........

going through the old photos

Whos that?

thats your Aunty mabel

and thats me

under the table

Whos that?

thats uncle billy

whos that

me being silly

whos that

licking a lolly?

I'mnot sure

but Ithink Its polly

whos that behind a tree
I don't know
I can't see
could it be you
could it be me

Thursday, September 3, 2009

my robots misbehaving

my robots misbehaving.
it won't do as i say.
it will not dust the furniture
or put my toys away.

my robot never helps me
with homework or my chores.
it doesn't do my laundry
and neglects to clean my floors.

it claims it can't cook diner.
it never makes my bed.
no matter what i ask of it

it simply shakes its head.

my robot mustbe broken.

i'll need to get another.

until that day, i have to say,

i'm glad i have my mother.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Creature

In the middle of the night
In the part that's known as 'DEAD'
I wake up and hear breathing
Of the creature 'neath my bed

Sometimes he growls and threatens me
Sometimes he only stares
He's big and mean and ugly
And I shiver when he glares

His B.O fills the bedroom
His breath is awful too
His teeth are caked with ick and grime
He should be in a zoo

Instead he lives beneath me
Its like rooming with a skunk
The creatures my big brother
and he has the lower bunk

Soo Minn