Doom Room

Introducing the Zombies of Room 18

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Each Peach Pear Plum

Each peach pear plum
I spy Tom Tum
Tom Tum in the cupboard
I spy Mother Hubbard
Mother Hubbard down the celler
I spy Cinderella
Cinderella on the stairs
I spy the three bears
Three bears out hunting
I spy baby bunting
Baby bunting fast asleep
I spy Bo-Peep
Bo-peep on the hill
I spy Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill in the ditch
I spy the wicked witch
Wicked witch over the woods
Ispy Robin Hood
Robin Hood in his den
I spy the bears
Three bears still hunting
They spy baby bunting
Baby bunting safe and dry
I spy plum pie
Plum pie in the sun
I spy .........

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